About the CL Foundation

Our Purpose, according to our Bylaws, is to promote the use and development of the Common Lisp programming language as follows:

  1. promoting and facilitating meetings, conferences and networking opportunities;

  2. promoting the development of de-facto standard functionality for Common Lisp with publicly available source code

  3. other allied activities which will be consistent with the above-stated aims, as well as anything reasonably connected therewith and/or may be instrumental in achieving the stated aim, given the broadest application. anything which is connected therewith and/or may be beneficial for the above purpose, taken in the broadest sense of the word.

Please Join our Next Meeting

We would like to get more involvement form the CL community in our monthly meetings. Contact Us to request an invite to our next monthly meeting (usually the first Wednesday of each month).

Currently, the Foundation is active in administration of a redesigned common-lisp.net website and associated services. See the Activities page for a listing of our other ongoing activities.