The Common Lisp Foundation (CLF) is available to handle collection and disbursement of monetary fees and donations for CL-related projects, meetings, etc which are of community benefit.

It is the intention of CLF to disburse 90% of incoming earmarked funds to the registered maintainers of the earmarked Affiliate Project, within a reasonable time frame from when said funds are received. In general, CLF retains 10% of incoming funds in order to ensure that its finances remain in the black, and for the possibility of building up a capital fund which can be invested according to the directives of the CLF.

Non-earmarked donations to CLF will be used first to cover CLF operating expenses and overheads, e.g. hosting costs, financial transactions fees, accounting & reporting costs, with the remainder being saved and/or disbursed according to the discretion of the CLF Board. For the time being, all human labor being expended on behalf of CLF activities is uncompensated, volunteer-only.